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WhatsApp or Allo, the texting battle

Abhishek Jadhav Technology October 19, 2016

The world is coming closer and closer, thanks to the social media sites all over. Amongst the various applications and software’s, WhatsApp have been our favourite for ages. But how can Google, the biggest rival to the parent company of WhatsApp, that is Facebook, be lacking behind. After the not so much of a success from the Buzz and Google Plus, Google launched Duo, which had an amazing support from around the world. And after a few days, they launched another product in the market, Allo.

Given is the comparison between both the applications.


The User Interface:

WhatsApp have kept its UI very much simple which is what makes it the most loved app. Allo has somewhat done the same. Except the green colour and a few changes from left to right, the User Interface is more of a same. The three horizontal line hamburger menu in Allo is more easy to access as compared to the three dot menu in WhatsApp for Android based smartphones.


To text or to sticker:

The feature many of us want, which is included on the Facebook messenger and many other texting applications, is the Sticker. It sure is a surprise WhatsApp doesn’t have this option, knowing that Facebook messenger have tons of it. On the other hand, Allo have a good range of Stickers, and many more to download from the Allo store. Though Allo still doesn’t have the option to format the text font, it has this cool feature of Shoot or Whisper, which basically is that you can change the size of the font.


Smart Reply and Google Assistant:

Now this is where WhatsApp should stand back and watch. The AI based smart reply suggestion to any given text and photo is seriously amazing. Whether it is a “how are you?” text or any picture, Allo provides a good reply option, which saves you the typing. The best – smart reply is available in the notification area itself, which means it isn’t even necessary to open up the application. On the other hand, the Google Assistant isn’t something like Jarvis from Ironman, but is an amazing assistant.


The Basic Features:

While you may have the habit of calling someone on WhatsApp, you might miss it on Allo. WhatsApp do have the benefit over here, with calling over wifi or mobile data, with the data saving option.

The Allo doesn’t have the last seen feature, which also doesn’t show whether the person is online or not, while it does show you the read recipient, but there’s no option to turn it off, which is a slight disappointment. Whereas WhatsApp gives a wide option over the last seen, profile picture, status and the read recipient option.

Apart from the media and location sharing which is also on Allo, WhatsApp lets you share pdf, documents etc.

It is quite shocking that Allo don’t have the backup feature, because surprisingly it’s Google. If you uninstall the app and install it again, all your chats will be gone. Whereas in WhatsApp, there’s a customized backing up option over the span of 24 hours.

Everyone likes their chats to be secure and WhatsApp have an upper hand over here with the end-to-end encryption. Which means each and every chat of yours is only between you and the person you are texting. Allo does give end-to-end encryption option but only in the incognito mode and not normally.



Either say hello with Allo or what’s up with WhatsApp, both are significantly amazing with WhatsApp dominating over some places, while Allo in other. Allo is certainly unique, with our love going deep for WhatsApp over the past years, it is difficult to choose over one. None the less, they are just messaging apps, and it all depends on whether your friends love them too or not.