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The love that feels right by Ravinder Singh

Jacqueline Babai Book Reviews November 10, 2016

I was at the bookstore the other day and I just somehow reached to the Indian fictions and I saw this book. I normally don’t read Indian author books but somehow I found it interesting.

The book was indeed interesting in the beginning but in the latter half it was kind of boring. The storyline is common in an uncommon way though. Its like the story of a normal person n people having these same events like the ones mentioned in the book exist in a huge number amongst us. Since it’s not mentioned by anyone else it makes this an uncommon story. The language used by the author is really simple with no complicated words unlike other authors who use all possible non existing words n make you wanna keep a dictionary next to you all the time to understand it! The book really didn’t make me get all emotional but people who are really sensitive might end up crying out of happiness or sadness. The storyline is of a common Delhi girl Naina who is married but is really not exactly happy with her marriage and she joins the gym where she bumps into a person who she later finds out through her new gym friend Manvika that he is the gym trainer Aarav. They both have the same personal trainer and then there is a bonding between Aarav and Naina and how exactly she manages to bring her life to normal with this feeling she has for Aarav is depicted.

I’ve heard many people say that the books of this author is amazing so I hope you guys like this one too!