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The Big Book Box

Dipti Pathare TW Impressions April 17, 2017

Bookworms, its time for a quick bookgasm! Yes, what we have to share with you will definitely give you one!

We came across a website who allows you to subscribe for a monthly (and also quarterly) share of books and related goodies! *gasps*

The website is -

Big Book Boxes come in three different categories to suit each bookworms bookish fixation, each named after different types of coffees, as that's the second most important thing after books! 

Pick the box and plan that best suits your. Its that easy!

For delivery, they say it should take anywhere from 4 to 7 days for our minions (disguised as delivery guys) to deliver these boxes at your doorstep.

Shipping outside Indian Subcontinent can take almost 10 days. (Yes, you can order outside India, too, yaay!)

Set out in an all new bookish world!

Check out their subscription plans, right now:

We have subscribed for Espresso Box, what about you???