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Having a Dog: Expectations vs Reality

Jacqueline Babai Entertainment November 15, 2016

I’m a dog owner and I’m kinda proud of it because ‘Yaaayyy! I have a dog!” Though she hasn’t turned out to be the way I expected her to be but still “Yaaayyyy!!! I have a dog!!!!”

This article is for all the dog owners, dog non owners, dog lovers, dog haters and everyone else.



  • I’m going to have the world’s most friendly, pretty and cute dog.
  • My dog is going to be the most disciplined dog
  • All my dog will do is just cuddle with me and play.
  • My dog will welcome me home with love.
  • My dog will be eating only dog food.
  • My dog and I will go out for nice calm relaxing walks.
  • My dog will even welcome my guests and will love them.
  • Nights will be peaceful because a dog guards the house.
  • My dog will fetch the newspaper from outside the door every morning.
  • My dog and I will watch movies together.
  • My dog will receive the Guinness World Record for being the best dog!

I’m going to be the world’s luckiest, happiest, proudest dog owner!



  • “Wuff Wuff! Wuff Wuff (higher pitch) I hope that was enough to let you know that I’m non friendly and a monster! But look I’ve got such pretty innocent eyes!”

(Me: Ohkay! I’m just dreaming and when I wake up a miracle will happen! Or maybe not :/ )

  • “She expected me to be disciplined? Ha Ha Ha!!!!! Let me just teach her a lesson!” (pisses at home) “ Oh no! I’m sorry! I didn’t do it on purpose! But look I have innocent eyes( bling bling glittery eyes look)
  • (Me: Ruby! Come here!!)

“Did she just call me? Well I’d like to just ignore her. Let her keep begging n waiting for me come.”

So she is a total mess n listens to nobody no matter what you do. She thinks the world revolves around her.

  • “Finally bed time! Oh wait! How is she sleeping so peacefully? Let me just ruin her good night sleep”(sits on my face to block the oxygen supply n then adjusts herself in a way where she is sleeping on my tummy halfway and me moving is then biggest crime according to her book to Unjust Acts.)
  • “Yaaayyy! Nobody at home!!! Let me just check out some stuff around.” (picks all the possible things at her reach)

“You’re back! You’re back! Look what I found! I made small pieces of them to help in recycling. But before you get mad at me, look!! I’ve got such a cute innocent face.”

(Me: I’m so proud of you! Keep it up! We’ll soon recycle everything in our house!)

  • “Her food smells delicious! I’m gonna sit in front of her face and keep staring at the hooman food till I it’s not in my tummy.”

(Me: Stop staring at my food ruby! Okay fine take! Eat everything!! Eat me also!)

  • (Me: Ruby let’s go! We are going for a peaceful relaxing walk.)

“Did she just say peaceful? Relaxing? Let me just teach her a lesson.” (We take a step outside and I take a deep breath)

“Wuff!! Wufff!! Wuff!! Wufff!!!!Wuff!!! I hope that’s peaceful and relaxing to you.”

  • “OMG!! I hear someone knock. Are they her guest? Let me just teach them also a lesson.” (keeps barking n barking till they finally get scared n almost die with a heart attack and leave)

(Me: Great!! I can’t even get people home now.)

  • “I’m not sleepy right now. I’ll just sit in the living room and wait for her to sleep.” (complete silence and all of a sudden wind blows and she starts barking and barking, then again complete silence and I fall asleep)

“She’s asleep. Let me just sneak into the laundry basket and check out her clothes. Oh! A sock!! I found her favourite undies!! Let me just check out the material.” (The next morning after I get out of bed)

“You’re up!! Come look what I found.” (Shattered pieces of my undies and one sock in the balcony on the verge of flying away)

  • “That looks like an important piece of paper. Let me just store it in my tummy.”

(Me: where the hell on earth did I keep that note?)

  • “Movie? Are you serious? A horror movie? I’m just gonna hide under the sofa and not come out till morning and teach her a lesson.”

(Me: Ruby! Oh no! That ghost is scary!! Ruby please come and sleep next to me!!)


No matter what she does or how she is I love her from the bottom of my heart. She’s really taught me some good lessons in life and life is incomplete without such member in the family. She is the world’s best dog indeed.

I hope you guys like this article and please do let me know if you too have faced the same situation as me and your experience of having a dog as a family member. Those people who yet don’t have a dog but will in future let me know what you expect your experience to be.